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With QuickBooks Bookstore POS in hand, you can bring your book shop nearer to your customers and also provide them with information regarding what books you have in store and what can be ordered or is in the process of being shipped in. Intuitive interface that comes with the software allows for easy navigation between different genres of books available and also is visually spellbinding with all the information you need available right on the front screen. At the time of billing, you can be assured of whether you have more copies of the book or if you need to order more. You can easily customize your bookstore on your tips, easily connect with QuickBooks Bookstore POS Support and grow Broke Story.
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QuickBooks POS Support


“IBookstore POS support offered by PosTechie.com has allowed me to focus more on my customers rather than the hassle of billing and sales tracking.

With this, I can view all my store details in one place and have an idea of what need restocking and what doesn’t. Thank you guys for your full support.”

-Jenny Walters(Florence, SC 29501)

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