Connect Client to Quickbooks Database Server

QuickBooks is the best software to maintain an accurate accounting process for small and large businesses. It additionally encourages users to streamline their business efficiently. However, sometimes, the user may face a few errors with POS application that hampers the business process. Connect Client to Quickbooks Database Server is a process that does not need to be difficult for the average install.

Connect Client to Quickbooks Database Server

In case you access the company file on the client PC, then you can see one of the given errors mentioned below:

  • Resolving the Connectivity.
  • You are disconnected from the server.
  • Specify your Server as well as QB Company Data File.
  • Sometimes POS might be grayed out
  • This software has experienced some problem and requires quitting.

The accompanying is conceivable reasons why these errors occur with the QuickBooks POS:

  • Your server is configured as multi-user mode
  • Firewall or the third party software is obstructing the connection amid your server as well as a workstation(s) such as Antivirus
  • Internet/Network connection error
  • The user IP address is pointed to the dynamic IP
  • The setting of the Network sharing and the permissions of the folder are not set properly.

Note: Prior to applying any of the given troubleshooting methods, ensure you have:

  • Reviewed the requirements of your QuickBooks POS.
  • Rebooted your server as well as client workstations completely.
  • Rebooted your connection of the network and ensured every port is effectively connected.
  • Assigned client PC to the local area connection which is properly connected to a similar server and ensure that they can easily communicate.
  • Sign in to the Windows alongside your Administrator rights.

Here you can begin to investigate multi-user issues in POS.

Solution 1: Make sure that the Server is basically into the multi-user mode
  • Right from your File menu dialogue box, Click Switch Company Files to the Multi-User Mode.

Important: In case your server is in the multi-user mode now, then switch it to the single user mode and then switch again to the multi-user mode in order to refresh your system.

Solution 2: Turn your Network Discovery On
  • Open your Control Panel window and after that click on the Network & Sharing Center.
  • Choose “change Advanced Sharing Settings”.
  • On the left side of the screen, choose your Change Advanced Sharing Settings option
  • After that expand the profile of the network which is assigned to the network connection.
  • Then in your Network discovery window, click on the ‘Turn on network discovery’.
  • Extend the All the Networks category from the settings.
  • Choose to Turn off the Password Protected Sharing function.
  • Quit the window.
Solution 3: Configure your folder permissions
Solution 4: Rename your WSActivity file
Solution 5: Set your Network Firewall
Solution 6: Edit your Windows hosts file

To know the advanced steps, you can contact our QuickBooks tech support team experts.

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