Error 176102 when opening QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale

When the user opens the QuickBooks POS, receives a mailbag then received an error message “QuickBooks POS Error 176102 : QuickBooks Point of Sale could not locate the valid installation on this system.”

Causes for QuickBooks POS Error 176102

  • Security of the Windows is High.
  • The user doesn’t have permission to allow POS to access the files.
  • The requirements of the systems are not met correctly.
  • Folders are damaged in the QuickBooks.

Resolution for QuickBooks POS Error Code 176102

Here are the solutions from which you need to perform any one solution according to your requirements. Follow the method step by step for resolving the error.

Method 1- Remove the Entitlement client folder content

  1. In your system, go to My Computer
  2. Then open the C drive  follow the path- C:\Program Data\Intuit\Entitlement Client\(a version of the application)
  3. Now from the keyboard press and hold the Ctrl+A keys to select all the things in the folder
  4. Do right click on it after selecting all and from the options click on the  Delete
  5. In the end, open & register the QuickBooks POS.

Method 2- Login to your System as Windows Administrator

  1. You have to take care of the permissions that you must have to run the Point of Sale
  2. So restart your system and run it as the Administrator now
  3. Go to the Start menu
  4. In the search bar type the Users Accounts and then press the Enter  button from the keyboard
  5. Now you need to choose the option named Change User Account Control Settings
  6. If the settings you have is on high then do it lower
  7. Check and verify by receiving the mailbag or opening the POS that error occurs or not.

Method 3- Reinstall clean QuickBooks Point of Sale

  1. Uninstall the QuickBooks POS completely and properly
  2. Now change/rename the folders of Point of Sale by adding the OLD in the end or in front of the name
  3. Download and install the QuickBooks Point of Sale completely
  4. In the end, restore your company data files.

Method 4- You can also create a new user with all Administrator Rights

  1. Add a new user of Windows with all the rights of Administrator
    • In the Start menu, go to the Windows Small Business Server and open it
    • Click on the option Windows SBS Console
    • Now select the Groups and users
    • In this, click on the tab named Add a new user account
    • Enter all the user information that is required
    • Follow the user account wizard that is created newly
    • Provide the administrator rights to the new user
    • Click on the Finish button after the whole process.
  2. Then give the access of admin to the programs of QuickBooks.
    • Firstly, close the QuickBooks Desktop Software
    • Click on the Start menu that is at the bottom left corner on your system
    • Open the User Accounts from the Control Panel
    • Browse the QBDataServiceUserXX for QuickBooks Desktop version
    • Now select Administrator after the Change account type
    • In Administrator, choose Change Account Type
    • Click on  the Apply button to apply all the changes and then click on the OK button or close this window
    • You need to repeat all the above steps for every QuickBooks Desktop Server Manager version you are using.

How to get in touch?

For more information, you need to contact the QuickBooks customer toll-free number +1800-935-0532 anytime from anywhere. The team is glad to help you out whether you are facing any technical or functional queries. Members of the team are providing support services from the last 2 decades so you don’t need to worry about anything. You can also contact the team via live chat to get instant solutions.

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