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QuickBooks is one of the most leading software which makes you more productive. POS (Point of Sale) is flexible according to your business essentials. QuickBooks POS usually uses gift card services which are necessary for you to purchase the gift cards from intuit directly. This new feature may be a little bit expensive, inconvenient and has some limitations. This process is done by using a simple method of processing them as gift certificates. Here you get complete information about this process and how to do it.

How to turn on the Gift certificate function?

To sell a gift certificate, you need to get confirmation about the proper functioning of the gift certificate is to turn on QuickBooks POS. To turn on the Gift certificate function, you need to go with these following steps;

  • Firstly, go to the menu and scroll your click on FILE
  • Then select PROPERTIES and choose the COMPANY
  • After that, mark your click on the left-hand column and choose [RECEIPT TENDERING] from the sales drop-down options.
  • Make sure about the payment methods that (GIFT CERTIFICATE) and (and services of a gift card if it is available) and go forward with “Checkbox” click
  • After getting confirmation, click o SAVE.

How to sell a gift certificate?

To sell a gift certificate, you need to perform these steps:

  • On your open window, choose “MAKE A SALE”
  • At the bottom of your open window, several tabs appear with all different methods. Then choose “GIFT” and move forward with “GIFT CERTIFICATE” click
  • Then mark your click on the box which is accessible for  “Sell/Purchase Certificate” 
  • Agree with on-screen instructions and enter the “Amount” and the “Gift Certificate number”
  • Then click on SAVE
  • Mark your click on the “ADD A CUSTOMER” and select the payment method as per your choice for purchasing this gift certificate 
  • To process the payment, choose “Payment method” as per your choices
  • After accepting the payment, mark your click on SAVE & PRINT
  • Choose the checkbox “Print a Gift Receipt” which is displayed on your open screen.

To make sure that you select accurate preferences so it makes it easy to redeem a gift certificate with more accuracy. They start a running report to view the git certificates that they sold:

  • Go to the “Reports” menu and select the “Payment” options and move forward with “Gift Certificate List”
  • If you are still unable to redeemed gift certificates, then you will be found the blank page
  • Next step towards with “I want to…” option and then mark your click on the “Set report access levels”
  • At last, select the “Low Security” checkbox and go forward with on-screen instructions and click on SAVE.

After following all the above processing, you are set to process to redeem gift certificates with these following steps:

  • Go to the home screen and choose “Make a sale”
  • Go with “select  item” options, which makes an easy way for the customer to buy from the list preferences
  • Then move forwards with “Select customer” option 
  • After that, complete the payments from the various options of payment mode 
  • Then select “Gift” and mark next click on “Gift certificate” to complete the whole process.

How to contact us?

While implementing the above solution, if you face any trouble with Gift Card in QuickBooks POS, feel free to contact our QuickBooks experts via customer support helpline number +1(800)935-0532. To resolve all queries drop all the issues at this email address or do LIVE CHAT with our experts to resolve all technical as well as functional issues.

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