QuickBooks Billing Solutions

Out of many other benefits, the most important benefit of using QuickBooks is the capability to send multiple numbers of invoices and receive quick payment.

Business merchant often searches for the best solution to automatically make a bill and receive payment from their client. QuickBooks billing solutions come as the best solution with its excellent and innovative features. The solution helps you get paid faster and as well save a great amount of time for you.

Here is why you should opt for QuickBooks billing solutions to better enhance your business

  1. Simple and easy setups: with Setting up Wizard1 displaying all the features. You can easily set up your QuickBooks billing solutions by following the steps accordingly.
  2. Receive faster payment: paired up your QuickBooks to Merchant Service, your customers will be able to pay online via debit credit or debit card. In addition, you can track those bills that are sent and paid, and overdue.
  3. Save more time with Google Calendar: add Google Calendar to invoices. QuickBooks will automatically bill the customer for that specified week or month. QuickBooks automatically bring the online payments matching the correct invoices.
  1. Continual customer billing: to run automatic and continuous billings, re-schedule your invoices. This may include Customer billing information like a number of invoices, received payments, and balances.
  1. Be informed of unpaid invoices: you will be informed of all unpaid invoices and be ensured that payments are made on time. Track the unpaid invoices and send reminders to your customers.
  1. Billing with professionalism: preparing billing reports and statements with simple steps. Also, customize your invoices in a way that can present your brand more professionally.

Benefits for your Clients

With QuickBooks billing solutions you are not only benefited but your clients also enjoy the benefited as well.

  1. Attracting more users: with QuickBooks, your clients attract unlimited users.
  2. Automatic upgrade: your clients will be automatically updated about new upgrades and latest features.
  3. Work more with Apps: your clients will have access to the latest app where they can work on to create unique business work.
  4. Reliable storage on the cloud: your client’s data are stored securely on Intuit’s This avoids covering the expenses of hosting.
  5. Minimal paperwork: with QuickBooks solution your clients don’t have to do more work, as the solution will automatically process the transaction and provide receipts.

Set up and use QuickBooks billing solutions

QuickBooks Billing Solutions is extremely easy to set up and use as well because all activities happen in QuickBooks itself. You can set up your QuickBooks billing solutions in three simple ways:

  • You can use Set Up Wizard and  learn about setting up and start setting up your features
  • Open to invoice creation screen and enable online payments rights on the invoices.
  • Enable invoices online payment with Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and Outlook Express.

If you desire to know more about QuickBooks billing solutions kindly call us 1800-935-0532 or send a mail at hello@postechie.com  also available via Live Chat Support on our website. We would love to hear from you and shall try our best in providing the best possible solution according to your requirements.

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