QuickBooks Company File is Used By Another Application

With its efficient and easy to use format, QuickBooks has become a very popular accounting software for business of all statures. The software offers a host of services and features that helps the user to keep the accounts of their business up-to-date within a short span of time and further more the user does not have to engage another person to maintain the accounts.

The software with its updated and user-friendly features enables the business owner to keep and maintain the accounts by himself/herself. But being a software program, QuickBooks is not immune to flaws and troubles. There are times when a QuickBooks Company File is used by another application and it might cause the user a bit of a problem. But before contacting the QuickBooks support the user can try to troubleshoot the issue with these steps.

What are the causes of QuickBooks Company File is used by another application?

There are several causes that can result in having a QuickBooks company file errors and it is quite a common issue faced by the users of this accounting software. Being a serious problem the QuickBooks company file is used by another application and can appear in the form of code 6144 or 301. Some of the common reasons that cause the QuickBooks Company file errors are as follows:

  • Installation file of the QuickBooks is corrupted.
  • The company file is being hosted by the computer, which is not the original server.
  • The network that has been set up is incorrect
  • There is a discrepancy between the company file (.qbw) and transaction log file (.tlg).
  • There is a damaged company file
  • While the file is being opened locally an error can occur too.

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Any of the above mentioned possibilities could be the cause for error of QuickBooks Company File is used by Another Application. Once the user can identify the cause he/she needs to resolve it accordingly. The following steps can help in solving the problems.

How to solve the issue of QuickBooks Company File is Used By Another Application?

  • The first and easiest way to resolve the issue is with the help of QuickBooks file doctor. A user can download the software from the Intuit website and then run the program. The QuickBooks file doctor will automatically run the diagnostics and find a resolution for the issue.
  • To locate the company file that is being used by another program, a user can try to find it with the help of auto data recovery. This would enable the user to find original company file that belongs to the QuickBooks software.
  • The user can also check whether QuickBooks is being used by any other applications by going to the task manager tab in the computer. If that is the case then the user is suppose to end the QuickBooks application on the task manager.
  • The user is also suppose to check the QuickBooks update and if it has not been updated of late, he/ she is suppose to get the latest one.
  • Company data file is also can be restored from the previous backup.

A user can also try to find the reason that is causing the problem manually and then look for the best solution. However, if everything fails the user should call the PosTechie QuickBooks Support Team.  To speak to them, you don’t need to look at the clock as QuickBooks Technical Support helpdesk experts are 24*7 available to answer your queries. Call Now @800 935 0532.

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