QuickBooks Error Code 15243

QuickBooks Error Code 15243 is an installation error that generally encounters when users try to update the QuickBooks payroll or when the FCS service file is turned off. This error hinders the undertaking works. The users get alert/popup about the update patches are absent. This blog covers causes, indications and quick resolutions to fix this error as soon as possible.

Indications of QuickBooks Error 15243

  • Crash active programs window
  • Pop-up displaying on the screen
  • System freezes continuously
  • The system becomes very slow to respond when you perform any clicks.

Possible causes of QuickBooks Error Code 15243

Various factors might prompt this error. Here is the following mentioned list of some causes that you can consider one as for QuickBooks error code 15243:

  • Improper installation/incorrect downloading of update software
  • Corrupted windows registry entries due to any recent modification like installing or uninstalling 
  • The Virus-infected system can sometimes corrupt important program files
  • Some programs/registry entries get mistakenly deleted or infected with a malware attack.

How to resolve QuickBooks Installation Error 15243

Following are the quick resolutions of QuickBooks Error 15243:

Solution 1: Perform a full system scan

If the error takes place due to any malware infection on your system then perform the complete malware scan. Recheck the error is resolved or not.

Solution 2: Erase junk documents from your computer with the help of shortcuts or clean-up disk.

Execute the clean-up disk with below-mentioned steps:

  • Press the start button from the left-bottom of the computer screen
  • Enter the command in the search portion without hitting an enter key
  • Click simultaneously Ctrl+Shift 
  • When the permission dialog window pop up, Enter button
  • Look out the blinking cursor in a black box
  • Type the command as clean mgr and then hit enter button
  • Now, the disk space calculation will start processing, you can manage the disk space here
  • The window will display a series of checkboxes associated with the Disk cleanup dialog window
  • Verify the junk files with maximum disk space and select the checkboxes accordingly
  • Enter the hit button to clear-out the sections containing temporary files.

Solution 3: Recover registry entries associated with error 15243

  • Open the permission dialog window by pressing the Ctrl+ Shift key form the start button
  • Enter the command regedit on the black box that appears on the screen with a blinking cursor
  • Hit enter
  • Open the registry editor 
  • Locate error 15243 
  • Click export located in a file menu
  • Browse the folder in which you want to save the backup files
  • Save QB in the SAVE IN series
  • Enter the file name for a backup
  • Save the file with an extension.Reg file domain 
  • Now, you have created a backup of registry files.

Solution 4: Driver updates

Sometime, this error might occur due to the failure of the driver update. Locate the outdated drivers and then recheck the error is fixed or not.

Solution 5: Reinstall QuickBooks 

This is a general solution to reinstall the QuickBooks software to fix the error 15243.

How to reach us:

This article helps you to analyze and fix the QuickBooks Error 15243 with the potential troubleshooting steps. Although, the above-mentioned steps are elaborated to solve the error, if you still, face any challenges to solve any functional or technical error, feel free to reach out to QuickBooks technical support toll-free number +1(800)935-0532. You can also go through other options i.e. drop an email with queries at hello@postechie.com or can do a live chat with an experienced team for instant reply.

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