QuickBooks Error Code 6154

QuickBooks error code 6154 is one of the common error and the users generally come across when they are not able to open the desired company files. It affects the software which is unable to access any particular file or folder in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks is one of the most-used accounting software but in a certain case, users may face some technical issues. Error code 6154 is one of them and once you recognize this error, then you may face some trouble in getting connected with particular company folders or files.

Reasons behind QuickBooks error code 6154

The other reasons may also interrupt you while using software and the error started popping up on your screen as:

“You are not able to open QuickBooks Company file” or “You are unable to open specific folder or file”.

Consider the mentioned reasons behind this error:

  • The particular folder or files which contains QuickBooks company file could not be accessed
  • You are not able to open the particular company file
  • The company file may be damaged or corrupted and this could also be one the reason.

Solutions to resolve the error code 6154

Here are some of the recommended solutions for this error that are stated below:

Troubleshooting steps to resolve the error code 6154.

Solution 1

  • Restart your computer once again
  • Make sure you log in as Administrator in your system
  • Now, you can access the desired company file or folder.

Solution 2

If you are not able to fix the error using solution 1 then try the solution 2 steps that are mentioned below:

  • Initially, you restart your computer and log in as Administrator
  • Try to move all the company files
  • Then, reset it to sync managers
  • Make sure, you have moved your last file location to new file location
  • Browse and search for a new location in your system for your file or folder
  • Once you select a new location and then create a new folder
  • Copy the entire folder or file and paste it to the new location
  • Make sure that highlight the particular file or folder
  • Now, again reset your Sync Manager
  • Go to help menu in your QuickBooks account
  • Then, go to Manger Data Sync and press on Reset Sync Manager tab
  • Try to log in again by entering login ID and password
  • Enable your Sync Manager and ensure that it completes the first Sync.

How to reach us?

The above-stated steps allow you to fix QuickBooks error code 6154 and you can easily access your desired company files or folders. However, if the error still re-occurs then you can reach out by dialing the QuickBooks Customer helpdesk at +1(800)935-0532. You can also get assistance by sending an email at hello@postechie.com or do a live chat with QuickBooks experts.

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