QuickBooks POS Deposit Slips

QuickBooks POS deposit slips make the deposits easy for the business. As these deposit slips are customizable so that you can easily avoid the errors like double-entry or mistake in the other things. You can easily print your forms on the pre-printed slips if you do the proper setup. To do this, here is the process in which you can do the sample printing, alignment and the final printing the deposit slips. The process is given directly by the support team.

Some features of QuickBooks POS Deposit Slips

  • Slips that can be directly print through QuickBooks.
  • You can record a maximum of 18 entries per slip.
  • Print your own slips so that you can avoid the double-entry errors so that it increases the record accuracy.
  • For well-organized printing of depositing slips, you can use the existing information from the QuickBooks.
  • If you include the deposit summary in the slips so, it is easy for the record-keeping.

Process for printing and aligning the Deposit Slips of QuickBooks POS

For print do fine-tune alignment

  1. In the preview window compare the alignment grid on the page of Fine-tune alignment
  2. You can also drag the grid on-screen to match the location of your printout
  3. Do control the alignment adjustment and do changes the offsets Vertical and Horizontal
  4. Click on the option View preview and print sample
  5. Then select the Print option to make sure that all the information is correct
  6. Do select the Finish Setup after matches the alignment of the print

If the changes are not saved with the alignment tool then follow the steps below:-

  1. Firstly, open the screen of fine-tuning alignment
  2. Match the location on your printout by dragging the on-screen grid
  3. Click on Finish setup option
  4. Now try to print the sample
  5. Follow the above steps until the print lines of sample up with the form.

For printing the sample

  1. Go to the create icon and then click on it
  2. Now select the other and then select the Bank Deposit
  3. Do click on the Print
  4. After that select the option Setup and Alignment
  5. Open the Print deposit slip setup page
  6. Now go to the View Preview and print sample
  7. Click on button Print
  8. On the blank pre-printed form place the printed sample deposit slip at the top
  9. Then hold both together up to the light
  10. After that, if the information printed with correct areas
  11. Do click on Yes, I am finished with the setup
  12. If you are not finished then select No, continue with setup.

For printing the Deposit slips

  1. Go to the Create icon and click on it
  2. In the Other option, click on the Bank Deposit option
  3. The Bank Deposit window is opened
  4. Now the payment customer wants to deposit select it
  5. Select the option named Print  then select either print deposit summary only or print deposit slip and summary
  6. Setup and alignment can also be selected for checking the alignment of the print
  7. Click on the Print and then do click on the print icon displayed on the preview page according to the browser you opened
  8. If you saw the blank preview or it says to download the PDF manually and there is no print button on the screen
  9. Then download the PDF file and open it
  10. After opening the PDF file, print it out
  11. Close all the preview and print windows if they are still opened
  12. In the end, click on the button named Save and Close.

How to get in touch?

For more information, you can easily contact the QuickBooks POS technical support toll-free number +1800-935-0532.  The team is always here to help you out as they are available 24/7 hours. Team members are happy to serve you the best by providing you the great solutions to every issue and queries. You can also contact then via live chat or email support to get all your glitches resolved in no time.

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