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With Point of Sale program in hand, the user can keep track of the entire sale that has been done, stock management and also perform billing functions much more quickly and easily. With POS all the information generally required for sale which are name of the product, price, quantity left in the shop and all that products catered by the shop or business. The POS comes for different industries like coffee shop, bakery, vape shop, jewellery, footwear, bookstore etc. There are numerous companies who have entered this niche market in hopes of reaching stimulating height of growth and popularity. One of the recommended name that has achieved this target goes under the brand of Shopify.

Shopify Point of Sale

Shopify as an e-commerce platform was known all over for its easy customization and user friendly platform which has even forced many other well know POS system to connect through this platform. However, as Shopify started to expand beyond just an e-commerce platform it started to give heavy competition to these know POS system as well. This unification of online store and POS system under one banner was quite beneficial for limited budget companies dealing in start-ups or small size businesses. The brand Shopify currently is as famous for Point of Sale system as it is for online store and shopping.

Shopify POS Support Team

Considering the main base for Shopify is towards small businesses, it is imperative for them to provide exemplary support system, as the access of its customers towards top notch IT experts would not be that possible. Apart from self help video tutorials Shopify Point of Sale also caters with meetups, online active discussion community / panel and webinars. Moreover, the moment you register with Shopify Customer Support can be acquired by connecting through the details mentioned to know more clearly about the whole POS process including the heckout part.

Shopify customer support phone number
Shopify customer support phone number: Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. And this is Shopify POS Support

Why Opt for Shopify Point of Sale?

There are three main reason any restaurant owner should go for Shopify Point of Sale as listed below:

  • Make Your Business Visible & Grow: By connecting with Shopify POS you are accorded with an additional Online store feature. This ensures that you have an online presence increasing the reach of the business with an opportunity of connecting with prospective customers all across the world. More abilities under this are:
    • Simplifies complex processes with centralized stock management.
    • Sell products online with the option of refunding one on one in person.
    • Sell products easily and curate home address to transfer for home.
  • Automate your fulfillment process with 3rd party shipping apps: With Shopify POS system at hand you can easily make all the order completion process automatic as all the connection to dropshipping, shipping, warehousing and solution for any all issues becomes simplified. Moreover you can also unify with most of the shipping carriers in the nearby area that will enable to track any and all information. Users operating in US or Canada are benefited with option of real time USPS.
  • Set up, use, and track discounts: With Rule-based discounts offered with Shopify Point of Sale, you can now:
    • Acquire limitless usage based discounts that are generally more beneficial with discounts catering to frequent buyers, military or senior citizens.
    • Cater for limit bound promotions by offering specified time span discounts
    • Cater for first come first serve door to door sale through limited quantity specified discounts.

Hardware Requirement

Every software and programming application comes with its own set of requirements for both system and hardware. The one thing imperative for Shopify to function is a stable mode of the device like smartphone, tablets etc. However, there are the different set of hardware requirements as mentioned below in accordance with the need of the business.

  • IPAD STAND: Heckler Windfall for iPad – This hardware is small in size and also portable as it is lightweight that can be stabilized if required. The stand has the mobility of 360 degrees ensuring the customer can provide details and signature without any hassle. Moreover, it is compatible with Ipad 2 to 4.
  • BARCODE PRINTER: Dymo LabelWriter 450 – This barcode printer along with label printer integrates with the computer system (for both MAC and PC) through USB cable with the ability to print up to 51 labels per minute. The user does not require expensive ink or toner with this printer as it employs thermal printing technology. You can also print shipping labels for any amount of orders with this printer along with barcodes.
  • BARCODE SCANNER: Socket Mobile CHS 7Ci – It is a wireless barcode scanner (1D) that can be easily integrated with the Shopify Point of Sale system. It is highly employed by companies and have certification from Apple itself to connect and work with iPad without any hassle. It also offers long range barcode scanning option of up to 100 meters with battery life upto 19 hours.
  • RECEIPT PRINTER: Star Micronics TSP143LAN – Customized and innovative receipts can be printed easily swiftly with this dependable Receipt Printer. It is user friendly, easy to set up and offers the opportunity of wirelessly printing through iPad. However, USB version is not available.
  • CASH REGISTER: APG Vasario 320 1616 – Sturdy and reliable cash drawer with top quality locking system and wide tray for 5 bill option ensuring all the cash garnered is safe and secure. You also have the option of opening the cash drawer wirelessly through an app on iPad or with keys as required.
Common Issues Encountered with Shopify Point of Sale

The software for many users is spot on with all the needs of their retailer industry available. However, there are some users who faced issues in operating the software. Some of the common problems reported to the accolade customer support team of Shopify Point of Sale is detailed below:

  • The application provides advanced and innovative features with higher section of subscription plans. Basic plans do not alot all the features to the user.
  • As you go higher in pricing plans, the subscription for them starts becoming expensive.
  • All the subscription plans do not offer option of quality tools like Advanced Analytics and Automatic Discount offer.
Who We Are

POSTechie is a support agency providing top notch quality services for accounting software like QuickBooks and its integration with third party application – Point of Sale. We house a team of proficient technical experts who have wide range of experience in tackling errors and issues encountered while working on a POS system. The team is equipped with the latest trends and changes made in the POS world ensuring swift resolution of even the new tools integrated within these applications. Moreover, you can also contact the team for any additional information pertaining to any and all Point of Sale software as they are well versed in all the latest tricks and technology used by software companies to enhance their POS applications.

Contact Shopify POS Support

You are recommended to contact the Shopify POS support team of the software that has manufactured the Point of Sale Application for best results with error resolution and also for extra information regarding your questions. But due to a long queue and busy customer service you might have to wait for your chance with the customer service executive. In case of urgency, you can also get in touch with our trained POS executives on Toll-Free Number +1800-935-0532 and for online chat support visit us at –

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