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Point of Sale (POS) application has garnered much of the appreciation, especially from the retailer and restaurant industries as they are the ones who have benefited the most from Point of Sale. With these applications at hand, retailers and restaurant industries can now take up orders, ring in sales and also keep track of inventory available without requiring to manually move around. Many companies have taken up the mantle to manufacture the best possible Point of Sale system of which one of the most opted POS is headed under the brand name of Square.

Square Point of Sale

This Point of Sale application is structured with the aim of automatizing the whole process starting in order to ring up the bill and subsequently payment of the same. The user can keep the staff of the business on their toes by keeping them abreast with all the order taken and then prepared. Some of the additional features of Square Point of Sale program are:

  • User can swiftly set up their items and categorize them in order by just drag and drop on the dashboard.
  • Play up with menu items and commodities by moving them on screen as per user need and the popularity of the same item.
  • Customers of the users can opt for either digital receipt or printed as per their wish.

Apart from above-listed feature you can also set item information and edit the same like changes in price, a quantity of the item etc.

Square POS Support Team

Square Point of Sale huge success can be traced back to a terrific team of customer support ensuring any and all issues encountered are resolved within a set time period. With the motto to grow with the world, the team for POS system of Square makes sure that no stone is remained unturned in providing the latest and top-notch quality of technology to their customers. The company initially started with just a card reader and has now spread their wings with chip card reader and NFC payment enabled devices in tow.

Why Opt for Square Point of Sale?

There is two main reason any restaurant owner should go to Square Point of Sale as listed below:

  • Employee Access & Authorisation Management: You can keep the check on what information can be accessed by the employees by providing employee passcodes to all with limited access.
    • Timecards at the Register: The Point of Sale system of Square ensures clocking system of all employees is recorded properly. Moreover, all the employees can be traced for any transaction made and completed helping in calculating tips and commissions in the future.
  • One Account for all Locations: Now you can make changes in the menu of any location, track time cards of all employees and keep the complete check on the prices of all items from just one account – Your Square POS Dashboard.

Hardware Requirement

Every software and programming application comes with its own set of requirements for both system and hardware. The one thing imperative for Square to function is a stable mode of a device like a smartphone, tablets etc. However, there are the different set of hardware requirements as mentioned below in accordance with the need of the business.

The First Fully Integrated System

With the addition of Square Register under the completely Square generated POS devices, user is assured of authenticity and caliber of the devices used.

Intelligent Software Included

You can now keep an eye on your business sales happening currently, along with proper systematic management of the stock and establish a customer database all from one POS system.

Speed Up the Sales Process

Complete the sales process and free up the line of customers through customer-focused display letting them buy products at half the speed generally taken.

POS Hardware for Brick and Mortar Retailers

Square Register Kits

Square Register Kits

A comprehensive POS kit structured with Square Register as the focal point. It accepts all major cards at 2.5% + 10¢ per tap, dip, or swipe and get funds in your bank account in one to two business days. Currently, Square Register does not support Square for Retail or Square Appointments.

What’s included:

  • 16 in. USB Cash Drawer
  • USB Receipt Printer
  • Receipt printer paper (25 rolls)
  • Square Register

Square Stand Kit for iPad (2017), iPad Pro 9.7″, iPad Air 2, and iPad Air

Square Stand Kit

A comprehensive Point of Sale system structured keeping the requirements and needs of industries clothing boutiques, art galleries, HomeGoods and grocery stores, bookshops, etc.

What’s included:

  • Receipt printer paper (25 rolls)
  • USB Receipt Printer
  • 16 in. Printer-Driven Cash Drawer
  • Square Stand for Contactless and Chip
  • Setup guide: Square Stand for iPad (2017), iPad Pro 9.7″, iPad Air 2, and iPad Air Kit

WindFall Stand for iPad 2 Kit

iPad Air WindFall Stand for iPad

A comprehensive Point of Sale system structured keeping the requirements and needs of industries clothing boutiques, art galleries, home-goods and grocery stores, bookshops, etc.

What’s included:

  • Square Magstripe Reader
  • Receipt printer paper (25 rolls)
  • Heckler Windfall Stand for Apple iPad 2, 3 or 4
  • Ethernet Receipt Printer
  • 16 in. Printer-Driven Cash Drawer
  • Setup guide: WindFall Stand for iPad 2 Wi-Fi Kit

Square Register:

Square POS system has developed an integrated POS application with which you can start the process of the ring in sales through one comprehensive system. This Square Register is structured to provide more boost and power in accounting for reliable transactions.  Although currently, it is not very compatible with Square for Retail / Square Apartments, it still accepts payment from almost all major card brands.

Common Issues Encountered with Square POS

The software for many users is spot on with all the needs of their restaurant available. However, there are some users who faced issues in operating the software. Some of the common problems reported to the accolade customer support team of Square Point of Sale is detailed below:

  • Account Suspension: Many users have lodged complaints regarding the sudden suspension of their accounts. Although it could be due to the extensive high quality of security measure employed by the company, a little prior warning regarding the same will be beneficial.
  • Merchant Account Hold: A hold on funds refers to a processor withholding some of a merchant’s processing volume and storing it in a separate fund as a protective measure in the event of chargebacks, refunds, or fraud.
  • Not Suitable for High-risk Industries: Considering the quality of security and confidentiality, many users operating in the high-risk industry have faced unsatisfactory services.
  • No Advanced and Innovative Features: This mostly comes from merchants who want to see Square features on par with other major POS systems, such as more advanced reporting, or store credit.
  • Fees: Many users have faced the issue of fees and charges levied being too high. Both the monthly and processing fees are much more than what other POS applications are charging.

Square Support Phone number

Who We Are

POSTechie is a support agency providing top notch quality services for accounting software like QuickBooks and its integration with third-party application – Point of Sale. We house a team of proficient technical experts who have the wide range of experience in tackling errors and issues encountered while working on a POS system. The team is equipped with latest trends and changes made in the POS world ensuring swift resolution of even the new tools integrated within these applications. Moreover, you can also contact the team for any additional information pertaining to any and all Point of Sale software as they are well versed in all the latest tricks and technology used by software companies to enhance their POS applications.

Contact Square Support Phone Number

It is generally advised to connect with the Square support phone number of the software that has incepted the POS application being used. However, at the time because of a long queue, you might have to turn towards other alternatives. In such scenario, you can connect with us to garner top-notch services for the Point of Sale application being used. Just call us on our Toll-Free Number -1800-935-0532 or browse the websitewww.postechie.com for online chat option.

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