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It is no surprise that with advancing technology, processing activities for all kinds of industries have become much swifter and versatile. This includes completion of Sales orders activities that can now be processed automatically and least number of errors with Point of Sale software. This software basically helps many industries in compiling orders and sorting them in a systematic manner. User can also keep an on their inventory left in the warehouse from any location of their business. Although the software can be employed by any and all industries, the two industries that have benefited the most is retailer and restaurant industry. There are many variant companies who have taken up the mantle to incept the best Point of Sale software. Of this one is called by the name of Vend

Vend POS

This software is as versatile as well as an affordable Point of Sale solution comprising of innovative technology and features in abundance. With the motto of “Cherish VS Perish,” the company places special emphasis on aiding the brick and mortar retailers wherein the consumers get the opportunity of buying what they see first in retrospect to items that are bought by customers on daily basis. This in return has led to Vend Point of Sale is a software that is stock management based rather than just being service – based. For the retailers looking for inventory based POS, Vend generally comes high on the list of options as it is not only fully stocked with new features along with the advantage of easy mobility.

Vend POS Support Team

One deciding factor of a software’s success is its imperative team of customer support and after sales services team. Once the software has been bought, the issues faced by the customer in operating it can become a hassle. Vend POS support team in this instance is quite well known for being prompt and responsive towards its clients. They can be approached round the clock and have an expertise in resolving any and all problems within a stipulated time period.

Why Opt for Vend Point of Sale(POS)?

There is four main reason any restaurant owner should go for Vend Point of Sale as listed below:

  • Round the Clock Access of Store: With Vend Point of Sale software customers can now move around more freely with its mobility feature. Moreover, with a cloud-based opportunity, you can now login within the software from anywhere and any electronic device with the stable network connection. Getting imperative details about the sales orders completed and pending, products that are top purchase etc have become much easier.  
  • Innovative Tools with Advanced Technology in User-Friendly Manner: Vend Point of Sale operates on latest technology ensuring you are always an edge above your competitors. It is robust and structured in a manner that all the required tasks of the business are completed in a matter of minutes. Its user-friendly interface helps in easy handling whether you are working on iPad, PC with Windows OS or a Macbook. Just integrate the Vend POS with your device and take benefit of latest top quality tools and features.
  • Take Your Business to New Level of Height: With Vend POS at hand, growing the business becomes easier as scaling the sales and garnering better profit opportunities becomes more swifter to read. The software speed and affordability at the same time has brought in glowing options to grow as you don’t need much to set up the software and add in processes and other details like new staff information, locations, and sales channels etc.
  • Easy Integration of Other Applications: Vend Point of Sale is structured in a way that most of the needed third-party application can be integrated without any hassle. Connect with your favorite programs like QuickBooks, Xero etc and complete the required tasks without much changes in the customizing of the templates.

Hardware Requirement

Every software and programming application comes with its own set of requirements for both system and hardware. The one thing imperative for Vend to function is a stable mode of device like smartphone, tablets etc. However, there are different set of hardware requirements as mentioned below in accordance with the need of the business.

Computer / Tablets

The software is structured to smoothly run on any kind of browser which invariantly makes it perfect to be run on most of the computers. The operating system it functions best on are:

Operating System

  • Windows: Microsoft Surface Pro, Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Windows 7.
  • Mac: Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Mac OS X Mavericks, Mac OS X El Capitan, Mac OS X Yosemite and Mac OS X Sierra
  • iPad / iPad Mini: IOS 10 and later.


  • Windows: Google Chrome 49+
  • Mac: Google Chrome 49+ and Safari 9
  • iPad / iPad Mini: Vend Specific Register iPad Application along with Safari 9.


  • Windows: Star TSP100 (143) LAN, Epson TM-T88V LAN and Star TSP100 (143) (USB Model)
  • Mac: Star TSP100 (143) LAN, Epson TM-T88V LAN and Star TSP100 (143) (USB Model)
  • iPad / iPad Mini: Star TSP100 (143), Epson TM-T88V, Star 650II BTI and the Star mPOP (Bluetooth)

Peripherals Hardware Requirements

Receipt Printers

  • Windows: Star TSP 100 (143) LAN, Epson TM-T88V, and Star TSP100 USB
  • Mac: Star TSP 100 (143) LAN, Epson TM-T88V, Star 650II BTI (Bluetooth) and Star TSP100 USB
  • iPad / iPad Mini: Star TSP 100 (143), Epson TM-T88V, Star 650II BTI and the Star mPOP (Bluetooth)

Barcode Scanners

  • Windows: Honeywell 1400G USB
  • Mac: Honeywell 1400G USB, Socket Mobile 7Ci / 7Qi, and Motorola CS3000
  • iPad / iPad Mini: Socket Mobile 7Ci / 7Qi

Cash Drawers

  • Star SMD2-1214
  • Star SMD2-1317
  • Star mPOP (Bluetooth) for iPad / iPad Mini

Barcode Printing

  • Dymo 450 Turbo

Common Issues Encountered with Vend POS

The software for many users is spot on with all the needs of their retailer industry available. However, there are some users who faced issues in operating the software. Some of the common problems reported to the accolade customer support team of Vend Point of Sale is detailed below:

  1. Phone support for any issues is chargeable
  2. No inbuilt payment process. User will have to go through third-party payment processes.
  3. The user at times faces lags while working on large orders.
  4. Requires highly stable network connection. Any fluctuation in the network server and the software stops functioning properly.
  5. Syncing details between different location causes a problem. Many don’t recommend the software for multi-store businesses.

Vend POS Support

Who We Are

POSTechie is a support agency providing top notch quality services for accounting software like QuickBooks and its integration with third-party application – Point of Sale. We house a team of proficient technical experts who have the wide range of experience in tackling errors and issues encountered while working on a POS system. The team is equipped with latest trends and changes made in the POS world ensuring swift resolution of even the new tools integrated within these applications. Moreover, you can also contact the team for any additional information pertaining to any and all Point of Sale software as they are well versed in all the latest tricks and technology used by software companies to enhance their POS applications.

Contact Vend Support Phone Number

It is generally advised to connect with the Vend support phone number team of the software that has incepted the POS application being used. However, at the time because of a long queue, you might have to turn towards other alternatives. In such scenario, you can connect with us to garner top-notch services for the Point of Sale application being used. Just call us on our Toll-Free Number – 1800 935 0532 or browse the website – for online chat option.

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